Best Double Din Head Unit 2017- Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Besides the enhancement of your car dashboard’s beauty, a double din head unit serves the purpose of keeping you thoroughly entertained.

A good double din head unit will allow you to stream your favorite music even from your MP3 device if you so wish. As a result, you will never have a dull moment even if you have cause to drive alone, as you will either be listening to your favorite tune or catching up with the latest news trending on radio.

If you are planning to buy one for your car today, this review of 5 of the best double din head unit of 2017 should interest you. It includes a description of the head units with their Pros and Cons to help you make a good buying decision.

Best Double Din Head Unit 2017

1-Pioneer AVH-280BT

With the knowledge that a good driver always watches the road, this head unit comes with a Bluetooth that allows you to free your hands while you take an urgent call. You can also audio stream and playback DVD/CD. Its beautiful 6.2-inch touchscreen is powered by a LED Backlight Display.

You need not fear that your iPod or iPhone’s battery will run down while in use as the system’s wired USB connection supplies 1 amp of current to it. The USB connection also allows you to directly transfer digital signal from the device.

This head unit by Pioneer can be directly connected with your iPod or iPhone either with a CD-IU51 interface cable that works well for 30-pin devices or a CD-IU52 interface cable for Lightning devices.

It weighs 3.7 pounds and measures 6.5 x 7 x 3.9 inches. Its display resolution is 800 x 480 pixels.


  • It has Apple CarPlay.
  • Bluetooth pairs easily.
  • The quality of the DVD/CD is great.


  • It does not have a remote control.

2-Kenwood DPX500BT

There are two reasons why you do not need to hold a phone as you drive. First, It is unsafe to do so.

Secondly this product uses the wireless technology of Bluetooth to allow you make and receive calls. It uses USB technology to audio stream from your iPod and iPhone device. It also allows users to manually control the iPod when they disable the receiver’s integrated control.

With the USB connectivity, you can connect USB Thumb Drives and external hard disk drives. There is a steering wheel remote input remote control display. It weighs 3.4 pounds and measures 6.1 x 7.2 x 4.4 inches.


  • It is easy to install.
  • The sound quality is great.
  • You can change the LED colors.


  • It is not touchscreen.
  • Some dual-function buttons are not clearly stated.

3-Pioneer AVH-4100NEX

This head unit is compatible with an iPhone or an Android. There is a lot of real estate on offer with its 7-inch touchscreen and a LED Back-light display.

Being one of the best head units of 2017, it promotes safe driving by giving its user an option to make or receive calls hands-free using its Bluetooth wireless technology.

It also allows for audio streaming and a DVD/CD playback. The touchscreen is very responsive and can be customized. It receives radio signals and is also compatible with MirrorLink.

There is a wireless remote control and its display resolution is 800 x 480 pixels. It weighs 4.9 pounds and measures 6.5 x 7 x 3.9 inches.


  • You can take off the face for anti-theft reasons.
  • The touchscreen is very responsive.
  • It has a different USB Port for both iOS and Android.


  • It does not have a power button.

4-Jensen VX7020 2

One fascinating feature with this product is the fact that it comes with a Map of the U.S. that shows over 1 million points of interest. It goes further to allow its user to make hands-free calls and audio stream with the help of its Bluetooth wireless technology.

It has a full function remote control and a built-in iPad, iPod, and iPhone control. The touchscreen is 6.2-inches and it has built-in USB Ports. This head unit practically delivers on almost everything you want and it is very easy to install.

This head unit that weighs 7.5 pounds can charge your phone while you are on the go. It measures 6.5 x 9.5 x 11.5 inches.


  • It is easy to install.
  • The GPS works just fine.
  • It has a good sound quality.


  • Pandora does not work via Bluetooth.

5-Corehan 7

This double din head unit makes good use of its display real estate to beautify the dashboard of the car. At 7-inches wide, the maps of the U.S. and Canada are clearly displayed when you want to use it. And if it’s a phone book that you want to download, it is all possible with this head unit.

With this head unit, you are never short of options. There is a steering wheel control and a reversing camera input. It has a dual USB port and supports 3G dongle, WI-FI Hotspot, wifi, and AirPlay for iPhone. It functions well as a touchscreen and has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. At a weight of 3.9 pounds, it measures 7 x 4 x 4 inches.


  • It can be used in any car that supports a car stereo
  • The steering wheel control works really well without the need for an adapter.


  • It has an unresponsive touchscreen.

Things to consider when buying double din head unit

With the offer of great video head units available for double din head units, it makes owning it quite fulfilling.

Add that to a screen that has more screen real estate than the single din head unit, then you understand why it fits most of the best touchscreen head units you can find.

Before you buy one, here are a few things to consider when buying double din head unit:

- Size: Typically, there are two sizes of din head units that will fit into your car. Before you go for a double din head unit, be sure that the front faceplate of your car measures 7 x 4 inches. Most modern cars come with the correct size of din head unit that fits it, so it is best for you to confirm the size before you buy a double din head unit.

- Usability: Another factor that needs consideration is if the double din head unit you want to buy is compatible with your car. You don't want to get distracted while you are driving so a difficult-to-operate double din head unit should be avoided.

Some double din head units come with more features than the others, but the ease with which you use it while driving is what comes first before you make that purchase. Therefore, test it first to ensure it is neither too sluggish nor too sensitive.

You must also avoid buying one whose interface is too complex because it will force you to take your eyes off the road while driving. Operating your double din head unit should not give you an excuse to drive recklessly.

- Ability to receive radio signals: Besides the more common AM/FM radio signals, there are other radio signals to consider. A double din head unit that receives HD radio signals, Satellite radio signal, and Internet radio signals will be a plus. The ability to receive radio signals is a good factor to consider before making a purchase.

- Bluetooth connectivity: There is hardly any product that will be considered to be complete if it does not allow for Bluetooth connectivity. With a double din head unit, you will want to stream all the favorite music that you stored on your MP3, tablet, smartphone, and thumb drive.

Considering the fact that you do not want to get distracted while driving, you can use your Bluetooth to reroute your calls from your phone to the car speakers. This way, your hands are free to handle the steering wheel while you take your calls.

- Mobile apps: A double din head unit with built-in apps will allow you to control your smartphone through Bluetooth, making the apps on your smartphone to be accessible. If you can get one with a built-in app, it will be an added advantage.

- Expansion: With at least a pre-amp output, you will not need an adapter to run an amplifier directly. This will afford your double din head unit the chance to grow with your system.

- Apple carplay Vs. Google Android  Auto: The kind of phone you use will determine what you buy. If you use an iPhone, it is best to buy a head unit with Apple CarPlay, while Google Android Auto goes with an Android Phone. Whichever one you choose, the modified version of your phone's screen will appear on the screen of your double din head unit after you tether it to the sound system.

You will definitely come up with a good choice if you these tips on things to consider when buying double din head unit.

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