Best Wifi Extender 2017– Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Your home is too big for your router?

Are you having trouble accessing a consistent, reliable, effective Wi-Fi signal in some areas in your home?

Worry no more since all you need is a Wi-Fi extender.

A Wi-Fi extender aims at expanding your Wi-Fi coverage area.

It simply receives your already existing Wi-Fi signal, amplifies it and then transmits the already boosted signal. With a Wi-Fi extender, you are in a position to increase your Wi-Fi coverage even to the furthest corner of your yard.

However, for you to experience the anticipated results you need to ensure that you purchase the best extender in the market. 

Best Wi-Fi Extender 2017

1.Netgear Nighthawk (AC1900)

This is one of the best Wi-Fi extenders in the market. It boosts speed up to 600Mbps at 2.4GHz as well as 1300Mbps at 5GHz

This Wi-Fi extender can be used both at home and in a small business set-up.

It is quite large and has a shape like that of a router. It has a power supply that is separate from the device and also comes with several external aerials. For you to accommodate it you need space measuring up to 252*174*31mm.

It comes with an effective optional stand. The stand comes in handy if you prefer mounting your Wi-Fi extender vertically. Mounting your Net Gear Nighthawk EX7000 Wi-Fi Extender also ensures that its footprint remains at a minimum.

2.D-Link Wireless Dual Band N 300+ Mbps Wi-Fi Gigabit Range Extender

The D-Link Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Extender is a Wi-Fi extender specifically designed for individuals whose interest is creating a wireless network or connecting to an already existing network through multiple wired devices.

The D-Link Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Extender has wireless connectivity that offers superior wireless performance, coverage, and clarity. It also comes with Wi-Fi Protected Set-up for a secure 1-button set-up. This Wifi Booster works ideally with dual-band 802.11n/g wireless device which is compatible with all 802.11n/g devices. It also comes with 4 gigabit Ethernet ports that are ideal for an ultra-fast wired connection.

It is effectively optimized for clear HD video streaming and can easily extend or even create a wireless network. This Wi-Fi extender is a 5GHz technology device; this is responsible for streaming wireless HD videos without a hitch.

The D-Link Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Extender has an internal antenna and its dimensions measure 4.4*5.7*1.3inches.

You can easily manage this device using Mozilla Firefox v1.5, Internet Explorer v6 or any other Browser that is Java enabled. You cannot go wrong with this device since it comes with several features that are ideal for any latest Wi-Fi extender to give you the desired results.​

3.Linksys WRT AC1200 

The Linksys WRT1200AC Wi-Fi Extender comes in a chunky, angular plastic case that has been split between bright blue at the front and matte black that is at the back.

It is quite big as well as striking which offers you the feeling of durability.

It has 4 rubber-footed legs that are entirely responsible for a perfectly strong purchase.

These rubber foots can also be used as screw mounts for comfortable screwing of the device on the wall.

It also comes with several ventilation holes that are positioned at the rear part of the extender.

The main purpose of ventilation holes is to ensure that the device is able to remain cool at all times.

This Wi-Fi Extender also comes with external aerials that use available chunky metal fittings so as to ensure a safe fitting.

 At the front of this extender is a complete set of lights that offer you a chance to see at-a-glance what the device is up to.

The device is also equipped with a power switch at the back and a reset button so as to ensure that you are totally safe when other options have all failed.

4.Amped Wireless High Power SR10000 Wi-Fi Extender

The Amped Wireless High Power SR10000 Wi-Fi Extender expands the Wi-Fi range of any 802.11n/g wireless network.

This is made possible by the device repeating the signal from the wireless router then redistributing it to a new and extended location.

This Wi-Fi extender is effectively equipped with dual amplifiers as well as detachable high-gain antennas that are responsible for extending the Wi-Fi coverage by a whopping 10,000 square feet.

The Amped Wireless High Power SR10000 Wi-Fi Extender is ultra powerful since it comes with 2.4GHz dual amplifiers and high-gain antennas that have the ability to penetrate any walls as well as effectively eliminate dead Wi-Fi spots.

This device also acts as a Network bridge since it comes with 5 wired ports that you can connect any additional AV devices, printers, PCs, and servers.

It is an ideal choice due to its fast wireless speeds of 300Mbps MIMO Wi-Fi speeds. The device is also ideal with Air Print, Airplay, and Home Sharing. This makes it compatible with each and every Apple networking features as well as other supported devices. The best part about this device is the fact that it supports advanced Wi-Fi security like WPA, WPPA2, and WPS.

This device is also quite easy to set up.

5.TP-LINK TL-WA850RE N300 Universal Wireless Range Extender

TP-LINK TL-WA850RE N300 Universal Wireless Range Extender is one of the best extenders in the market due to the fact that it is in a position to perfectly boost the wireless signal to areas that previously could not access wireless connection. As if that is not enough, it can flawlessly do this without much hustle.

It also comes in a miniature size and it can be mounted on the wall since it comes in a wall-mount design.

This ensures that the Wi-Fi extender can easily be deployed as well as be moved. With that, you can easily expand your area of wireless coverage just by using an already provided range extender button.

It also comes with an Ethernet port that enables the extender to flawlessly work as a wireless adapter. Via the Ethernet port, you can also connect to any wired devices.

TP-LINK TL-WA850RE N300 Universal Wireless Range Extender is quite easy to access and manage since it comes with a Tether App.

On top of all that, it also comes with LED control function that also includes a night mode just to ensure that you enjoy a peaceful, undisturbed sleep.

6.Securifi Almond - (3 Minute Setup) Touchscreen

The Securifi Almond 3 is is an impressive device at a competitive price.It has decent speeds, is easy to set up and to use.

This is  the best option  if you are looking to use it either as a wireless router or a range extender. also, It is compatible with most routers.

When it comes to design Securifi Almond  is different compared to other companies which produce dull slabs.

The first look at Securifi Almond,the touchscreen will grabs your attention.

7.NETGEAR EX3700 WiFi Range Extender (AC750)

if you have a low budget, NETGEAR EX3700 is the best Wi-Fi Range Extender for you.

It's dual band and it offers throughput of up to 750Mbps. 

Its Features two external antennas for better performance​ . With EX3700 you can create new network for guests by the option that allow you to create a new WiFi access point.

It's Ideal for extending WiFi to devices like the iPhone 6 and and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

The best thing  that it can plugs directly into a wall socket

8.D-Link Wi-Fi AC750 Dual Band Range Extender (DAP-1520)

You can extend the wireless network coverage at your home because this Dual band range extender has a backward compability feature that allows it to work with your older wireless network device.

This increases the speed and reliability of your wireless network connection. It also has the ability of turning a single band router into a dual band wireless router. The dual band technology was designed to reduce interference from any wireless transmitter near your home.

It is colored white and weighs only 3.2 ounces. You not need any other power cable because it comes with a compact wall plug that is potable. It is supposed to provide your tablets, smartphones and laptops with High-speed wireless AC connectivity.

It can also provide up to 300Mbps bandwidth on 2.4 Giga Hertz and 433Mbpsbandwidth on 5 Giga Hertz when operating on AC750.

9.D-Link Wireless AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit

This dual band Gigabit Range extender offers greater flexibility with an ability to connect 4 personal computers with reduced interference.

It's compatibility with any wireless router band comes with a WPA or WPA2 security. At the push of a button, it easily connects to any wireless connection.

It has Gigabit Local Area Network Ports and is easy to set up with assistance of the quick router setup mobile app on your phone. It can also be set up withtout a Pc using the WPS button.

Dead zones can be eliminated with the help of multiple internal antennas. It weighs up to 9.6 Ounces.

10.Linksys N600 Pro Dual-Band WiFi Range Extender

Have you ever had moments when you were in your own home and can't seem to have stable connection.

Halt your worries here with Linksys N600 Pro wi-Fi Range Extender.

This amazing device has a wifi extension of 7,500 square feet.Its compatible with your iPad, Laptop,smartphone or tablet.

Considering that is has a plug-in connected to it you will be able to place this device anywhere in your house, office, or workplace.

The ability to have access when beyond your home is pretty extraordinary. Having prolific connection can give you more confidence to complete online courses, download more movies, even give you a quit place to sit outside when your house is too loud to be in.

People from everywhere love this product and will give this product an a for awesome. if you are sick of unstable connection in your lovely place of tranquility then get your Linksys N600 Pro Wi-Fi Range Extender today.

Wi-Fi Extender Buyer’s Guide

Outlined are factors you must consider before buying your first Wi-Fi extender.

· Compatibility with your Wi-Fi

Before buying your Wi-Fi extender you need to be aware of the Wi-Fi standards your router supports. Failure to do so, you are bound to end up buying an extender that is not compatible with your Wi-Fi.

· Dual- or single-band

If your router is a dual-band then it is advisable to go for a dual-band extender. However, with a single band extender, you can extend up to 2.4GHz to your home and still be in a position to connect to your original router with up to 5GHz which offers coverage.

· Security standards

Ensure that you settle for a Wifi Booster which has the latest version of Wi-Fi Protected Access Version WPA2-PK (AES). If your router is not compatible with WAP then it advisable to replace it with the latest version so as to ensure that your Wi-Fi is securely protected.

· Aesthetic design

There are quite a number of Wi-Fi extender designs to select from in the market today. However, Wifi Boosters are in most cases divided into two main aesthetic designs. One of the designs is one that comes with a power-in plug and you connect it to a wall power outlet directly. While as the other design is one that comes with its own power supply as well as aerials.

· Ease of connection

Once you buy a Wi-Fi extender, you need to have the name of your router’s network or SSID (Service Set Identifier) and your key or password for you to be in a position to easily connect. In most cases, this information is normally on the underside or on the backside of your router. An ideal Wifi Booster is on that offers Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) so as to simplify your connection process.

· Extra features

There are quite a number of potential extras that can come with a wifi range extender. One of the main extra features is Ethernet ports. Ethernet ports enable you to be in a position to connect any device so as to increase your connectivity speed as well as reduce the number of other devices attempting to connect wirelessly. A Wi-Fi extender with several Ethernet ports is ideal since you can connect various devices at once.

Other Wi-Fi extender offers you audio streaming capabilities.

These Wi-Fi extenders in some cases also come with headphone or speaker port, so that you are in a position to stream music directly from your laptop or Smartphone.

What is the difference between a Wi-Fi extender, Wi-Fi booster, and Wi-Fi repeater?

Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi boosters, and Wi-Fi repeaters are generally almost the same things. They are simply devices aimed at improving Wi-Fi coverage. This is made possible by simply receiving your current Wi-Fi signal, then amplifies it and then transmits it to the boosted signal.

However, when it comes to operating not all Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi boosters, and Wi-Fi repeaters work exactly the same way, this is where the slight difference comes in. below is a brief description of the differences between Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi boosters, and Wi-Fi repeaters.

Wi-Fi boosters are basically devices that play the main role of amplifying Wi-Fi signal. You simply connect it to your wireless router and it will effectively ensure that you are in a position to enjoy a strong signal.

This is made possible by simply increasing the overall output power.

Basically, Wi-Fi boosters have to refer to any upgrade around them, they work as a better antenna. When this happens, the result happens to be a very powerful signal that has the ability to reach further than the router could on its own.

However, many people fail to realize that reaching the access point in not all. For you to experience effective Wi-Fi communication, you need to ensure that your client device is in a position to transmit its signal right back to the original access point.

Even if you happen to see bars of signal on your laptop or Smartphone, if your client device is not in a position to transmit its signal back to the original access point then your Wi-Fi connection is bound to fail at some point. It is like having two people stand on the opposite sides of a mega-field and one is using a megaphone to communicate while as the other one does not have one. It is completely impossible for these two individual to initiate any kind of communication.

Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters, on the other hand, happen to be standalone devices that you connect to your or an already existing Wi-Fi network. They then rebroadcast the Service Set Identifier (SSID) just like an original access point.

As much as Wi-Fi extenders help in extending your Wi-Fi coverage you need an effective Wi-Fi extender or repeater so as to ensure that you get your anticipated results. On the other hand, if you are looking for speedy Wi-Fi connections then a wifi range extender or repeater is not the ideal device for you.

This is brought about by the fact that Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters have a minimum throughput loss of 50%. Wi-Fi extenders or repeaters must first receive, and then retransmit the network using one channel and the same SSID (Service Set Identifier). If your Wi-Fi extender or repeater is efficient enough then your signal loss will be roughly 50%. If you do not have an effective Wi-Fi extender of repeater then the throughput loss will definitely be higher.

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