How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public WiFi users, you’re risking your private data, Public WiFis are wherever you go now, Airports, Supermarkets, College. and other places you’re spending most of your time on, so, your privacy is priceless isn’t it?

Fortunately, by reading the guide bellow you’ll get to learn how to protect yourself from being hacked by someone else who’s connected at the same WiFi, but first of all, what are major risks of using public WiFi?

Your private files, images, credit cards, passwords, your data in general are in high risk of being hacked by a random hacker that’s connected on the same WiFi, he also might take it far by leaking your private data to strangers/criminals on dark-web or sell it at some random hacked-stuff marketplaces and make some money out of it, they might also use your data for themselves or whatsoever.

They might track your browsing activities and spy on you.
They can collect your browsing data and sell it to some random data-collecting companies.

They can take your email or phone number with no permission, then spam you all day long with promotions, or suggesting surveys.

By using a vpn or private proxies, using SSL connections, avoiding online transactions while you’re connected via a public WiFi, you’ll stay safe, we’ll get to details down bellow

Here is a little infographic describing How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks:

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